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Facebook is back to its old tricks by censoring people from a pro-Trump facebook group that had gone over 210,000 very active members (Tucker Carlson Fox News). This was one of the fastest growing and most active groups on facebook with smart people spreading “Real” news you won’t see in most safe spaces.

After being mysteriously dropped from the group three times only to be reinstated by the administrators, now it appears facebook has closed the group. There’s no doubt the “F” in Facebook stands for Fascism!  I got messages from several dozen group members who verify this free speech group has been closed. The worst part is when they close your group, all your posts disappear including many posts I had with thousands of comments and shares. So I’ve started my own blog to keep spreading the truth and hopefully some of the 200K plus members of our group will follow my blog and share my posts on their timelines and most importantly in groups. #censorship #freespeech #fascism