You may have seen web articles and clickbait claiming Vladimir Putin put a $1 Million bounty on the head of hedge fund king George Soros. While there’s no official evidence to prove this, Mr. Putin did disband every Soros related political action group in Russia starting in the summer of 2015. Two years ago, Russia started outlawing Soros backed groups that operated as so-called citizen action organizations – Sound familiar?

Of course the American fakestream news reported it as if Putin was burning books and stomping on the rights of Russian citizens, but he was simply ridding his country of globalist interference. It’s a known fact that Soros and his Wall Street cronies tried to sway the elections in Russia with the help of powerful democrats in the United States. The democrats cry about Russian influence on our elections, but they backed Soros and his attempts to undermine the Putin administration. It’s also a fact that Soros and Obama teamed up to interfere with the recent Israel elections as well. Both democrats and republicans are influenced by Soros and Wall Street including Pelosi, Schumer, Warren, Ryan, Romney and McCaine. In addition, the most influential leaders of the UN and Europe are Soros Wall Street puppets.

Incidentally, I wouldn’t doubt if there’s a contract on Soros, but so far the Russians haven’t gotten to him. FYI: His son Alex Soros is next in line to the evil empire and he can often be found living in his Berkey, California mansion. #putin #russia #soros

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