Once he was pronounced dead at the hospital, it was widely reported that the London terrorist was Abu Izzadeen, but now the media is suddenly claiming Abu is in prison with his buddy and couldn’t be the suspect, even though they haven’t seen him. I say – prove it! Produce an interview with Abu or his partner in crime.

When I first heard this new twist, I was shocked because if you look at all the photos of the suspect on the stretcher – there is no doubt he is Abu Izzadeen. Especially when you look at Abu’s youtube videos and photos on the web. Since Abu is a political celebrity in the UK, it’s easy to find interviews, news stories and other media with featuring him. Although the BBC and other UK news sites first reported the perpetrator was Asian, the photos got released so fast that they couldn’t hide the fact that he was a black male with a middle eastern Muslim look. Within hours, everyone knew who the suspect was or at least they thought they did? If they didn’t know the difference between an Asian and this guy, why believe a word the fakestream European media reports?

I’ve got sources in the UK that claim there’s something bigger going on. Maybe they are nuts, but maybe they are right? They say Abu is not in prison although he was supposed to be. They claim he was lost in the system and that many pro-Islamic bureaucrats accept bribes to make sure certain people are “accidentally” released from jail or never serve time at all.

Looking at all the photos and video between the London terrorist and the known Abu, I believe he is not in jail and the government is covering something up in the UK. Although there were news articles about Abu being arrested, there were never any articles about sentencing. Also, there are videos showing Abu preaching on the street supposedly shot when he was supposed to be in jail.  This is a guy that has been all over the UK media for a decade and so if he is in jail – Show us an interview!