Everyone is pushing this Occupy Democrats story, claiming president Trump plans to eliminate the “Meals on Wheels” program, but this is an absolute lie. Yet the brainwashed liberals and some people in the middle who only read headlines, believe it. This is FAKE NEWS!

Here are the facts:

1: Meals on Wheels is not dictated by the federal government and cannot be cut by the president and was NOT cut. Every Meals on Wheel program operates independently through cities and counties…Google them and you’ll see they don’t even share the same logos. It’s NOT a government program!

2: Trump’s budget cuts funding for the Community Development Block Grant program (CDBG), a savings of $3 billion. This is what the fakestream media uses to scare people into thinking Trump is getting rid of local programs that he actually has no direct control over.

3: CDBG gives money to states and localities that use that money for all kinds of local programs including Meals on Wheels which gets less than 1% of its total budget from these grants in most states. Meals on Wheels programs are run by all kinds of charities and foundations across the country and they rely mainly on donations and volunteers. The loss of CDBG funding will not hurt their services and the budget news may actually help increase donations!

4: Much of the CDBG money goes toward funding over-priced salaries for so-called community organizers and not directly to help people. Some CDBG money also ends up funding left wing political agendas in urban areas through seemingly innocent community programs that don’t really help anyone.

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