This is a photo of ISIS fighters beheading civilians in Syria and the link below is a blurred out version of a horrific video that shows a twelve year old boy getting the sme treatment. This is what we’re fighting although you don’t hear much about Syria these days since the American fakestream media won’t report on it. This ISIS scum in Syria controls most of the rebel groups funded by the Obama administration. One of the child killers in this video was later featured on a CNN report as a freedom fighter helping refugees. I’m sorry to post this because of the disgusting evil it portrays, but people need to know what is going on in Syria because it may soon come to America if we don’t enact Trump’s travel ban. The truth hurts, but if you have a child you must be disgusted by this no matter which side you’re on. These fuckers are killing Christians and Muslims alike! This is radical Islam and it’s coming to a city near you if we don’t stand together and stop it now!

Watch the video here if you dare.