The Chinese are buying into movie theater chains, movie production companies and movie studios throughout America at an alarming rate. They are even producing many American movies in China these days and their agenda is to control the message to the public at large. We all know most of Hollywood big wigs are left wing nuts, but once the power behind them goes into communist / socialist hands – the consequences for ‘free speech’ in America will be severe.

Hollywood already controls nearly 50% of Americans who’d rather pretend that life is a movie than to face the real truth, and while the Hollywood agenda has always leaned left, it’s starting to literally fall sideways into socialism. If the big Chinese companies get their way – the end result will be full out communism brought on by civil war.

The time is now to stand up against foreign nations buying up pieces of Hollywood and other American pop culture. The Trump administration and our elected officials need to curtail this anti-American pop culture infiltration before it’s too late  – and unfortunately it’s almost that time.

Here’s an interesting list of Chinese owned Hollywood companies from The Wrap.