The ‘Healthcare Bubble’ is about to burst thanks to the democrats and now the republicans who fought President Trump on his first congressional battle to replace Obamacare. Of course the fakestream media is reporting this as a big failure on Trumps’ part, but nothing could be further for the truth. Trump moved faster than any other president in history to launch a major bill, a bill the republicans didn’t have the guts to face in seven years. The fact that it didn’t go to a vote has more to do with ‘draining the swamp’ than Trump’s abilities as president. If anything, Trump chose to conquer Obamacare first because he knew it was the hardest job and it was the perfect test to see which republicans he could count on. Yes President Trump had a plan.

If you’ve read Trump’s book, ‘The Art of the Deal’, you’d know that he used this tactic many times in business deals. When trying to fix or reorganize a company, you attack the hardest projects first to see exactly where the staff strengths and weaknesses are. When you put the staff on a nearly impossible timeline with an equally impossible task, the strongest team members shine while the weakest ones stick out like sore thumbs. The same thing holds true for partners surrounding the deal – Your friends will shine and your foes will be exposed.

While reports show Trump tried with all his heart to bring everyone together and save the American healthcare bubble from bursting, the team just couldn’t pull it off, but the underbelly of the system has been exposed on both sides. So as the democrats do their ‘Happy Dance’, they’d better practice dancing for the bullets about to be shot at their feet from voters, because the healthcare bubble is about to burst and when it does – All Economic Hell will break loose! Of course the democrats wouldn’t know this because they didn’t actually read the Obamacare bill before they passed it.

Here’s a Jeopardy Quiz for the answer “Obamacare”…

  • What is larger than the UK’s entire economy?
  • What is the leading cause of personal bankruptcy?
  • What has led to the largest increases of medical malpractice in a decade?
  • What has led to the largest numbers of medical fraud in the past 40 years?
  • What is larger than the Dotcom and Housing Bubbles put together?
  • What could lead to economic disaster that is NOT President Trump’s fault?
  • What was the most important legislation enacted by democrats under Obama?