Farm Irrigation

Did you know that Saudi Arabia’s largest dairy farm supplier gets most of their feed from American soil? In fact, the Saudis have bought millions of acres in Arizona, Texas and California specifically to grow the makings for hay to feed their dairy cattle back home. Alfalfa is their biggest crop that sucks water from the ground like a regular siphon and the Saudis spare no expense when it comes to getting water to their crops. They literally steal ground water from downstream by implementing million dollar pumping systems that stress local American farmers and community water supplies to the breaking point.

It started in Arizona and spread to California with help of top rung politicians such as John McCain, Jeff Flake, Diane Feinstein and Nancy Pelosi. Of course Obama was their biggest advocate who pretended to care about ecology while letting the Saudis waste American water, just to export hay to their cows in the Middle East desert. You might ask yourself….Why don’t the Saudis just use their oil money to pump water on their own desert land? It’s because they don’t want to ruin their own resources for drinking water, but they don’t care about America’s resources.

As the great comedian Sam Kinison once said; “It’s sand…Nothing grows in sand…Ya know what it’s gonna be a hundred years from now? It’s gonna be SAND!”

So what the Saudis decided to do is steal water from deep beneath the ground, using technology to nourish the desert – except they decided to do it in the deserts of America. They are stealing and wasting billions of gallons of water in Arizona, California and Texas to feed their cows back home. It’s a fact that 100% of the Saudi’s American grown crops are exported back to the Middle East and they get huge tax breaks for land that is considered worthless – Unless you spend millions to steal the water that runs underground.

Of course the fakestream media doesn’t generally report this and so most Americans don’t even notice. As the rich lobbyists and politicians get richer, the Saudis continue to buy up cheap American land that nobody cares about, and then they spend millions to siphon the deep underground water before it gets to the populated areas that serve Americans upstream. As they run out of water in southwestern desert spaces, the Saudis will surely move toward more populated areas such as Michigan and the Great Lakes. Our politicians need to stop this practice now.

Don’t believe this post?

Here’s an article from way back in 2015 from liberal NPR and things are much worse now.