While nearly 50% of Americans lean left and the rest lean right – it seems as if our country is split in half, but polls show most Americans meet in the middle and 90% of Americans  want the same ten basic things. Here’s the top ten voter concerns based on an average of over 500 polls from various sources conducted throughout America during the past three years. These are not listed in order of importance, but they’re close to overall voter responses. It turns out most voters in the middle want all of these things almost pretty much equally, but ‘freedom’ almost always comes first.

Top Ten Voter Concerns for (9 out of 10) Americans:

1: Freedom
2: Booming Economy
3: Strong Defense
4: Lower Taxes
5: Better Jobs and Wages
6: Work for Welfare Programs
7: Affordable Education
8: Affordable Healthcare
9: Tough Enforcement
10: Clean Environment