With the election of Donald Trump, you might think our Second Amendment rights are protected for at least the next four years, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. While President Trump is pro-gun, he’s also trying to make his way through a gauntlet of dangerous political opposition. Although it seems the president would never willfully infringe on the average American’s right to bear arms, he could be forced to institute ‘Marshal Law’ in areas that are under attack from rioting and general civil disobedience.

In theory, the left wing could instigate riots through protests run amok, that would force the federal government to declare Marshal Law. If such a situation occurred, all citizen’s rights under the Constitution would become null and void until the executive order was lifted and until such time – your guns would most likely be confiscated by local, state or federal police.

Of course the first line of defense during rioting comes from the states. Many states have declared Marshal Law on a regional level, but if widespread unrest broke out they’d have no choice, but to call on the federal government. If the feds were forced to get involved, the stakes would be far higher because once the tap is turned on – it can’t be easily turned off. Federal Marshal Law would surely be like living under a communist regime with all American freedoms stripped from every citizen – unless of course you have connections in politics or local law enforcement.

The only way to ensure our freedom as Americans is to stockpile arms under our Second Amendment privileges as American citizens. And if federal Marshal Law ever comes, RESIST!