You can tell a lot about a society by observing who people follow on social media and it doesn’t look so good, because millions of Americans appear to be in ‘Star Struck’ Hollywood comas.

Donald Trump has taken to twitter like no other politician, and he uses this ‘left leaning’ platform to his advantage by baiting an ocean filled with trolls, while bypassing traditional media. I’m not a big Twitter guy, but there’s no doubt this social media giant has a major influence on the population at large. Twitter is a reflection of society whether we like it or not – and I don’t like what I’m seeing.

There are only two politicians in the Top 100 followed twitter accounts. Barrack Obama is number three with 85 Million followers and Donald Trump is number forty-four with over 26 Million. Compared to Hillary Clinton at 13 Million and Michelle Obama with 7.5 Million, Trump is killing it – but compared to Barrack he’s way behind. Trump is also one spot behind Kanye West who has 27 million followers, but the point of this post isn’t about Trump or Obama…It’s about the mindless “idol worshiping” attention span of many Americans.

You might wonder if only two politicians are in the top 100 of twitter, who are the other 98? As you’d expect, most are celebrity left wing nut-jobs. Katie Perry is number one with 96 Million followers and Justin Bieber is number two with 92 Million. Everyone else on the list between Obama and Trump is also a celebrity of some kind, except for social media sites and left wing news organizations including CNN, BBC, NY Times and more. Donald Trump is the only official Pro-American voice in the top 100 of twitter and we must support him. So if you don’t have a twitter account…start one and follow the president.

Here’s the Top 100 Titter Accounts.