During an appearance on Fox & Friends, Fox News host Bill O’Reilly joked about Rep. Maxine Watershair while she was delivering a speech. He quipped that her hair looked like a James Brown wig and even called for photos of Brown to compare as FOX ran photos of Waters in a double screen.

Liberals around the country are calling O’Reilly’s joke racist, but it was somehow okay for black comedians to compare Barbara Bush to George Washington back in the nineties. Of course all the usual suspects are calling for FOX to fire O’Reilly, but that’s unlikely to happen based on his strong ratings. While it may not have played well on live morning television, O’Reilly’s remarks came off as purely comedic and not racist. Truthfully, there’s no denying that her wig does look like a James Brown hairdo. In fact, if James Brown had gotten a sex change, he would have been Maxine Waters. What do you think?

Brown Waters