Yesterday, a film crew from Russia Today, (RTNews) released footage of US Marines fighting alongside Kurds to take the Tabqa Dam outside of Raqqa, Syria. Of course the Pentagon denies this, but the footage doesn’t lie and neither do the Kurdish soldiers who admitted that Americans are in the fight. Rumors of Americans on the front lines have been floating around middle east message boards since 2016, when the Obama administration sent 250 Special Forces to join the other 300 already there.

While Special Forces were originally sent in as advisers to help the rebels fight Assad, their roles changed after Russia got involved on Assad’s behalf. While the Obama administration accused Russia of ignoring ISIS to fight the rebels, America was doing the same thing on behalf of the rebels. Basically the Obama administration was using Special Forces to fight Assad’s army, but once Russia got fully involved, they had to back off.

Once Trump took over, he took the advice of American generals to concentrate on helping the Kurds stop ISIS in Northern Syria and avoiding conflict with Russia over Assad. The Trump administration has shifted the Special Forces role toward fighting the Islamic State terrorists who still control the city of Raqqa, where thousands of innocent Syrians are held hostage under the struggling Caliphate.

So Russia and America are now both on the front lines of the fight in Syria and the most likely scenario is the Kurds will establish their own country in the northeast while Assad controls the rest. Thanks to Russia, the rebels have been decimated for the most part, but ISIS continues to be the problem for everyone.

While the fakestream news doesn’t report it, ISIS still controls nearly 40% of Syria, but they’re now fighting Assad and the Russians from the south, with the Kurds and Americans closing in from the north – which brings us back to the Tabqa Dam.

Until three days ago, ISIS was in control of the dam and the Pentagon feared they would tamper with the flood gates to release an ocean of water into Raqqa, killing thousands. So Marines have begun to fire mortar shells into the control facilities of the dam in order to keep ISIS from wreaking havoc on the Raqqa region. There’s no doubt this is a very dangerous operation that could leave Americans holding the bag if the damn fails, but it’s also a last resort option to stop ISIS from following through with their evil plot. Syrian sources claim the Kurds have taken back most of the dam, but engineers are working frantically to fix the damage. Whether it’s good, bad or ugly – Americans are on the front lines in Syria and we better all pray it works out.

Check out the full story and RT footage here.