While the famed millenial conservative beauty, Tomi Lahren fights to keep control of her official facebook page after being fired by The Blaze network, she’s also fighting ‘fake’ facebook pages cropping up on the social media giant. Since we don’t want to send traffic to the fake perpetrators, we won’t name the fake pages in this post.

Whether you’re a fan of Tomi Lahren or not, you should be concerned about her story. Tomi is presently fighting to retain control of her official facebook page that was built during her tenure at Glenn Beck’s subscription based Blaze Network. Tomi garnered over 4 Million likes on her official facebook page and became a breakout star on The Blaze, but after she disagreed with Beck on abortion – the worm quickly turned and she was fired.

Now Glenn Beck claims to own Tomi’s official facebook page and other fake pages are popping up to take advantage of her misfortune by driving traffic to clickbaiters everywhere. The truth is Tomi still controls her official facebook page and will probably win out of court, but the fake pages will most likely persist and if you’re a Tomi Lahren fan – Steer clear of the fakes.

Here’s the Facts:

  • Tomi Lahren’s attorneys are fighting to retain control of her official social media pages and her Official facebook page is still the same.
  • Any other facebook page except for this one is fake!
  • Tomi was suspended at first after her pro-choice comments on The View.
  • Tomi was fired several days later and it was released to the news first.
  • Nothing in Tomi’s contract said she couldn’t comment on abortion issues.
  • Neither party has agreed to comment on the firing of Lahren as of 03/312/17.