Fakestream Fighters has been averaging 3,000 visitors daily and growing thanks to all the American patriots out there who support the truth. We’ve already been approached by political groups from both sides who want to fund our operations, but they want editorial control. While it would be so nice to have our expenses picked up by others, we believe that this website is best served by the grassroots traffic we get from average Americans who find us organically.

Therefore, we will continue to support our posts through sponsors that have nothing to do with politics in hopes that our readers will support them. There’s no room for political lobbyists of any kind in the blog posting news game.

When we see the truth from either side, we will report it and if we get something wrong – we will take responsibility for it. That’s more than you can expect from most of the Fakestream News these days. is all about fighting the globalist agenda in the Mainstream and the Fakestream.