The latest batch of ‘Vault 7’ WikiLeaks documents detail CIA hacking tactics used by the Obama administration. Known as ‘Marble’, these documents show how the CIA used secret computer codes to plant fake evidence pointing to other countries as the culprit of their own hacks. The ‘Top Secret’ back-door codes allowed hackers to choose from a listing of countries to frame as the ‘Hacker’. The secret code reveals a drop down menu of example countries including China, Russia, North Korea, Iran and more. This tool has been in use since 2012 and was most recently used in 2016 during the Obama administration.

According to a statement from WikiLeaks, the ‘Marble’ release contains 676 source code files from the CIA’s Library of Malware, under the agency’s top secret Anti-Forensics Project. Of course you won’t hear any of this from the American fakestream media…so check out the articles below.

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