beck gold

Glenn Beck made his fortune off conspiracy theories and far right Christian rhetoric after his first radio career as a ‘Morning Zoo’ DJ fizzled thanks to his problems with addiction. After hitting rock bottom, Glenn made his comeback as a bible touting right winger who was concerned about the future of America, but his new addiction took over in the form of cash money. Glenn discovered that he could get big ratings and make big money by scaring people into buying survival kits and most of all – GOLD. While he may have started his talk radio career with the best of intentions, Beck has become a narcissistic sell-out, pushing precious metals as the way to save oneself from a worldwide economic collapse.

Most recently, Beck fired Tomi Lahren from his Blaze network after she expressed her pro-life opinions. A decade ago that same man would have disagreed with Lahren, but he would have also protected her right to free speech. These days, it seems Glenn Beck is more concerned about his sponsors and his wallet – more than his principals.