us troops

We were the first American news outfit to break this story on Friday based on video footage from RT news crews at the Tabqa Dam outside of Raqqa in Northern Syria. The Pentagon has now unofficially admitted that at least 1,000 US Special Forces are fighting in Northern Syria along side the Kurds. Since the US troops have been very successful over the past few weeks, the fakestream media has not been reporting about it. You can bet if US troops were unsuccessful, CNN, MSNBC, NY Times and all their fake news colleagues would be all over it.

There are presently 5,262 US troops currently ‘authorized’ to be in Iraq, a US military official told the Military Times last Thursday. Another 503 are ‘authorized’ by Washington to be in Syria, but not Assad’s Russian backed government in Damascus, which considers the US presence an illegal invasion.

US officials further noted that the real numbers of boots on the ground are larger, as those figures don’t count servicemen who are sent to Iraq and Syria on so-called temporary “non-enduring” missions. Those non-enduring missions account for the 1,000 US Special Operations forces, Marines and Army Rangers fighting in Northern Syria today. In addition, US Military officials expect these numbers to rise over the summer.

Here’s a great article on RT.