Before you blow a gasket because your favorite conservative girl isn’t on this list…read this. We focused on the ‘Top 7’ hottest conservative women for this list based on a combination of beauty and brains, along with attitude and their unique qualities. We started with 25 well known conservative women who are all equally beautiful and smart, but we had to narrow it down by brackets. Coming up with seven women was nearly impossible and we almost went with a ‘Top 10’ list instead, but it’s just too long for our editor’s attention spans. That being said, we also considered a ‘Top 5 List’, but that left off two ladies we just couldn’t ignore. So we went with the Top Seven hottest conservative babes because it just seemed like the right thing to do. The final listing was very hard, but we stand by our picks from one through seven. And yes they all are 10s!


1: Katherine Timpf: ‘Kat’ as she is known, is an American conservative TV personality, reporter and comedian. Since 2015 she’s played a recurring, on-air role on The Greg Gutfeld Show and made frequent guest appearances on various other Fox News shows. Timpf regularly provides political commentary expressing her millennial and libertarian views as they relate to culture, political correctness, feminism, and economic issues. She has also written for many conservative magazines and websites such as The National Review.


2: Tomi Lahren: Tomi Lahren is an American conservative political commentator and a former television and online video host. She became famous as a video blogger supporting gun rights from a millennial’s perspective. She previously hosted Tomi for TheBlaze, but was fired in March of 2017 after making pro-choice comments. By the way – Tomi’s profile is still on The Blaze. The latest controversy is The Blaze laims to own Tomi’s official facebook page with over 4 million likes.


3: Abby Huntsman: Abby currently serves as co-host of Fox News Channel’s Fox & Friends Weekend alongside Clayton Morris and a rotating male co-host. She is based in New York City and joined the network in 2015 as a correspondent. Abby’s father is John Huntsman Jr., former republican Utah Governor and Ambassador to China.


4: Lisa Booth: Lisa joined FOX News Channel in 2016 as a network contributor, providing political analysis and commentary. Boothe is also the founder and president of High Noon Strategies, a boutique political communications and public affairs firm and a contributing writer for The Washington Examiner.


5: Harris Faulkner: Harris is a co-host on Outnumbered on Fox News Channel and, you can catch Harris on the online show “Outnumbered Overtime”, which airs on on weekdays at 1PM ET. Harris is also the anchor of “Fox Report Weekend”,


6: Kimberly Guilfoyle: Kimberley is and attorney and a former prosecutor who co-hosts The Five on Fox News Channel. She’s also a contributor to The O’Reilly Factor and Hannity. She was married to California liberal politician Gavin Newsom, and was First Lady of San Francisco during Newsom’s first two years as mayor of that city.


7: Dana Loesch: Dana is an American conservative talk radio host and television host at TheBlaze and author. Loesch has appeared as a political commentator on television networks and is a huge gun rights advocate.chicks

Top Conservative babes…..