Why doesn’t anyone care that our troops are fighting ISIS in Northern Syria, or what about the dozens being shot every weekend in Chicago? After nearly 60 posts at this new blog, the biggest traffic is always from hot conservative chicks, Hollywood celebrities and generally stupid shit.

We spend half our time running stories people should already know about, just to try and fight back against the Fakestream news coming from all the Mainstream outlets. Whether it’s CNN, MSNBC, NY Times, Breitbart or Fox, the left and right all have an agenda and their audiences seem truly brainwashed.

For instance, did you know our troops have ‘secretly’ been on the ground fighting in Syria before Trump took over and all the news outlets knew about it? Recently Trump switched their role from fighting Assad to actually fighting ISIS. Last week, our Marines helped the Kurds take back a huge dam in Raqqa, Syria that holds the lives of thousands of people in jeopardy – yet it’s one of our least read posts and the mainstream media hasn’t reported it.

Does anyone care that this is happening, or are people so sick of the lies that they can’t compute the truth anymore? Or maybe the media didn’t want to hurt Obama when we were failing in Syria and now that we’re winning, they don’t want to make Trump look good? I bet the fakestream media would report it if our Marines were losing. The world’s is in its worst turmoil since WW2 and everyone is either lying or hiding their heads in the sand – and it’s much worse than just ISIS.

Iran is illegally building nuclear weapons; North Korea is testing ways to make their nukes go farther; China is building military bases in the ocean; Dozens of radical Muslims attack civilians every week in Europe; Over 200 people are shot each month in Chicago; Obamacare is in a downward spiral, and all anyone cares about is celebrities, memes and ‘loving or hating’ Donald Trump.

It’s time for all Americans to wake the hell up and start caring. Even if you’re sick of politics after this crazy election (and I don’t blame you), we all have to stand up and fight for the truth and freedom that makes America great. If you’re reading this post then you care, but you also have to act by helping to spread the truth from both sides. Now is not the time to shut down and rely other people to handle it. We all need each other to care more than ever, whether you’re a democrat, republican or independent.

There’s a time and place for fun stuff and we all need to unwind. We post fun things on this blog from time to time, but we also post important things and we expect our readers to ‘share’ what they like and ‘protest’ what they don’t. There are no safe spaces at or in real life.