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Pakistan’s Interior Secretary Arif Kha, reported to the Islamabad High Court that  facebook is cooperating to remove and block content from their country that is considered blasphemous under Islam. The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, (PTA) has a team of 25 people working to search blasphemous content online and report it to facebook administrators. The Interior Ministry report claims facebook already blocks 85% of blasphemous content under Pakistan law, but the government wants even more.

In March, the Pakistan Interior Ministry hosted a meeting with 27 ambassadors from Muslim Countries to discuss plans to block blasphemous content throughout the Middle East and one day – the world. They have also discussed blocking and removing other content such as anything favoring Western countries or other religions. They also want to block any news that could be considered anti-Muslim, but isn’t necessarily blasphemous.

Facebook has agreed to send a delegation to Pakistan for the purpose of investigating content which the government considers blasphemous. The team hopes to be blocking 100% of content sometime this year. It’s expected that the facebook delegation will also meet with representatives of the other Muslim countries to block content there as well. Read full article from Pakistan’s Top English newspaper.