hollywood left

The Howard Stern show used to be a daily ritual for me, but I tuned out during the election because he was so pro-Hillary that I couldn’t stand it. Now that the election is over, I’ve started listening again only because Howard has stopped talking about politics for the most part.

Normally when there’s an ultra-left celebrity guest on Stern, I tune out until their segment is done, but today he had Chelsea Handler on the show. Unfortunately I tuned in for a few minutes to see if she’d bring up Trump and of course she did nothing but talk about our new president. Within 10 minutes I couldn’t take any more of her hate and stupidity, but I did learn something.

As a worn looking Handler spoke about her ‘extra’ house in Spain and how she’s keeping it just in case Trump wins another term, I realized why most of Hollywood swings left. The real issues of life that effect average Americans have no bearing on the lives of most celebrities or their families, because their lives are golden. Sure they have personal problems like everyone else, but their mother’s house isn’t being foreclosed on and riots will never break out in their neighborhoods.

No matter what level of fame, 90% of celebrities can eke out a superior living off their names and connections long after their careers sputter out. It’s like winning the lottery for them and they milk it for all its worth. That’s why celebrities hate all the free speech happening, especially with youtube stars who get bigger audiences than they do. Just like politics, Hollywood is also an exclusive club and they don’t want average people honing in on their turf. That’s also why there’s so much nepotism In Hollywood. Aside from a few lucky folks who slip in through the cracks, everyone in Hollywood is either related, working together or they’re fucking.

No matter how short lived, Hollywood fame gives you a top one percent status reserved only for the powers that be.  After a few years on a sitcom or a couple big movies, you’re life is made. A good example is Alan Thicke, who was all over television with those stupid tax commercials, yet nobody heard from him since the eighties. On the other hand, a retired plumber who was once named ‘Plumber of the Year’ at the National Plumber’s Convention is never getting a commercial for Liquid Plumber or Tidy Bowel. The point is the plumber needed his social security and Alan Thicke didn’t, but you can bet they both collected it.

The reason big celebrities love Obama and hate Trump have to do with all the reasons above. Celebrities know how good they have it and they don’t have to worry about their futures the way working Americans do. Obama made them feel good about giving everything away to make up for their own sense of guilt over a life of privlege. If you’re making millions of dollars a year for barely working, you don’t mind being taxed a little more because you won’t feel it. As a celebrity you can also start a foundation and actually use your appearances as tax write-offs to save huge amounts of cash. Most celebrities only support left wing causes because of their own guilt and their political stances don’t actually affect the quality of their lives.

For instance, if we faced widespread riots or civil war, Chelsea Handler could take her family to a second home in Spain, but the rest of us are screwed. If the country went bankrupt or turned to communism, most celebrities would still be eating over priced sushi at Nobu and vacationing in the Hamptons.

In contrast to Obama, Donald Trump makes celebrities feel bad about themselves by pointing out all the blemishes on our country that effect working Americans. It’s similar to the ‘White Guilt’ theory except celebrities feel “Hollywood Guilt’.

Celebrities want to believe that anyone making over $15 an hour is ‘living the dream’ so they don’t have to feel bad about buying a $10,000 peice of jewelry, or a second home in Spain. So most celebrities tend to go left simply because it makes them feel better about themselves at the expense of the rest of us.