jesus kicks ass

While the Middle East has always been in turmoil with the Islamic persecution of Christians and Jews alike, now is the time that we need to join together and stop the spread of radical Islam as it moves from the desert to the streets of Europe and America. Immigrant Muslims are building mosques and procreating at alarming rates wherever they go, and instead of assimilating they bring a backward religion and culture with them. They live off the system and accept only Islamic beliefs while stomping on the civil rights of other citizens who they call ‘Infidels’.

While historians point to the violent past of Judaism and Christianity, they fail to report that all major religious wars in history were started by the Muslims. For instance, the ‘Crusades’ that Obama loved to mention actually started because Muslims were murdering Christians throughout the Middle East. The Christians retaliated by killing and torturing which was wrong, but they did it out of fear and self defense – thanks to the Muslims.

In fact, nearly every ancient war that still persists today was started in the name of Islam, with the longest war happening between Sunni and Shia Muslims themselves. They still fight today and they will never stop, but they both have one thing in common – they hate the west and they pray for the death of America.

While there are many peaceful Muslims in America, most would happily conform to a radical Islamic takeover under Sharia Law based on their personal beliefs. While some would conform out of fear, the rest would conform out of their reverence for Allah. Pardon the pun, but in any Muslim’s mind – Allah trumps America.

Therefore all Americans (even Muslims who agree), should stand up against the spread of radical Islam for the good of all citizens and the future of freedom itself in America.