Shia LaBeouf is known more these days as a Trump hater than a movie star, especially after his latest movie, “Man Down,” sold only 3 tickets in its first week in the UK. To be fair, the movie was tested in just one London theater (a branch of the Reel Cinema chain) and only once a day, making $8.70 per day until it was pulled by the studio with a total take of $26.00. This ranks as the lowest theater test in movie history, even though it stars a few other A-listers such as Gary Oldman and Kate Mara. The movie was released nationally last December in America, and was pulled after low sales that didn’t even break $500,000. Judging by his big flop in the UK, movie goers in England must hate LaBeouf even more than Americans do.

Here’s the full story in the Hollywood Reporter