chemical war

The horrific photos of dead children (foaming at the mouth) from exposure to chemical weapons has sent both sides over the edge. President Trump has made it clear that he’s changed his mind on Assad and something must be done to destroy his chemical weapons. Trump is also blaming Obama’s failure to stand up to Syria when he drew that infamous “Red Line” in the sand. Obama vowed that if Assad used chemical weapons on civilians, America was going to act, but when that line was crossed Obama backed down like a scolded puppy.

Of course it’s all over the news that Trump tweeted a dozen times about Syria in 2013, telling Obama to stay out of it. While it proves Trump’s reluctance for any armed conflict, it doesn’t prove anything about what he might have done if he were actually president during this period. Only president Obama had the classified facts concerning Assad in 2013 and so the decision and responsibility lies squarely in his lap. If Trump had been privy to the same information as Obama in 2013, he may have felt differently about going into Syria. Trump wasn’t president in 2013, but he is president today and can only be judged for what he does now.

No matter who’s to blame for letting Assad continue his massacres, the fact is the Obama administration proudly reported that ALL chemical weapons were destroyed under a special deal with Syria. Obama touted this as one of his big successes even after Trump won the election and claimed he got rid of Assad’s chemical weapons in his final interview as president on “60 Minutes”.

Even after a 2015 Bloomberg report claimed Assad was using Chlorine gas weapons, Obama dismissed it saying, “chlorine is not historically considered a chemical weapon,” even though chlorine gas was one of the world’s first weaponized chemicals.

No matter what happens in Syria, democrats and the fakestream media will blame Trump and of course Russia, but Obama is certainly the person to blame. Instead of standing up against Assad, Obama drew a meaningless red line and funded anti-Assad rebels who just happened to be members of Al Qaeda and ISIS. If the Obama administration hadn’t supplied weapons to the so-called rebels, the civil war would have been over fast and thousands of lives could have been spared. Moreover, Russia probably wouldn’t be in Syria today and ISIS would occupy much less territory. Worst of all, Obama was either sorely mistaken or he lied about the chemical weapon stockpiles being destroyed in Syria under US supervision as dictated in his deal with Assad. It’s interesting how the left still blames the Bush administration for wrongly claiming there were chemical weapons in Iraq, yet nobody says a word about Obama claiming there were ‘none’ left in Syria.

Here’s a great video from the Washington Free Beacon showing the Obama administration claiming all chemical weapons had been destroyed in Syria.