sweden truck fire

A hijacked truck plowed through a crowd of shoppers in Stockholm, Sweden Friday afternoon, leaving at least five dead and dozens injured. The vehicle then crashed into the popular Åhléns department store located in a very busy shopping area.

Live footage on Swedish television showed smoke billowing into the sky as the truck appeared to catch fire. Police carrying automatic weapons, swarmed the area and shoppers were locked inside stores while residents were told to stay inside. The Swedish parliament was placed on lockdown and trains were shut down with at least one suspect on the loose.

Early reports said there had been at least one arrest, but it’s unclear if the two men apprehended near the scene were related to the incident. Several UK tabloids are still reporting there were arrests, but according to Swedish authorities the driver is still on the loose and no other suspects have been mentioned. Other reports say the two men apprehended at the scene are believed to be involved, but they were only detained and not officially arrested.

Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven said “Sweden has been attacked” and that everything indicates that this is a “terror attack.”

Photographer Annevi Petersson told the BBC there was a sense of “sheer panic” as the tuck plowed through the busy pedestrian area in central Stockholm, shortly before 3 p.m. local time.