trump fight

The biggest news today is the US missile strike on Bashar Assad’s Syrian airbase that was reportedly used to deploy chemical weapons attacks on civilians, but there’s a much bigger story here. While every move made by President Trump has been leaked since his inauguration, the Syria attack took the world by surprise. It’s as if Trump had been testing the waters during the past three months to see who could be trusted, but once he saw those kids poisoned by chemical weapons, the president decided to act with his gut.

Trump immediately removed Steve Bannon from the National Security Council and within 48 hours, America attacked Assad with absolutely no leaks – even after warning Russia 30 minutes earlier. This move was meant to send a message around the world and inside the government itself that “America is back”.

While Trump felt compelled to stop Assad from using chemical weapons, he also used this mission to weed out ‘leakers’ and highlight the most trusted players. Thankfully in this case, everyone chosen to be in ‘the loop’ was completely loyal to President Trump because no word of this attack leaked anywhere.

This US strikes prove that President Trump is trying to drain the swamp against all odds even when it includes his own inner circle. Trump proved he’s willing to fire his closest confidants if they’re disloyal and Steve Bannon is the latest example. Trump insiders claim Bannon will completely step down from the administration over the weekend, but we can’t confirm that 100%.

The Syrian attack and Bannon’s inevitable firing are both meant to send out a global message that the “New World Order’ will not be tolerated under the Trump administration or by the American people.