This 2015 incident shows a Palestinian woman clad in black Muslim garb calmly attacking the guard at a security checkpoint in the Israeli town of Beitar Illit. Raw surveillance video shows the woman approaching the checkpoint as the security officer politely stops her. While the guard checks her ID, the woman casually puts her right hand in her purse as if looking for something. She suddenly pulls out a large knife and attempts to stab the guard who raises his arms and steps back.

Off camera, the guard was able to stop the attack with minor injuries and the unlikely terrorist was taken into custody. These types of incidents happen nearly everyday in Israel and they’re starting to happen regularly in European countries as well. This is Radical Islam and it’s coming to a bedroom community near you real soon – if we don’t get control of the situation.

President Trump’s temporary ban on visitors from the top terrorism countries has yet to go into effect thanks to left wing courts backed by the deep state. So refugees continue to pour into America based on Obama’s previous rules. At the very least, we need to expand the vetting process to weed out the subversives.