America is more polarized than ever thanks to the globalists from both sides who have brainwashed our citizen’s minds to the point of extinction. The media used to care about society and they covered stories from both sides and helped bring people together, but today the media has become a biased mouthpiece for various political agendas. Whether it’s left wing or right wing, the media has become the promoter of half truths and sometimes – No truth!

During the past 30 years, both the media and politicians have divided our citizens to the point of potential civil war by making us hate each other. Americans always pulled together through the toughest times including the September 11th attack of 2001 – the last time Americans actually pulled together. Since the horrible events of 911, Americans have drifted apart to become only left wing or right wing.

Americans no longer care about each other the way we once did unless we’re on the same political side. It was never like that until Barrack Obama took over and followed through on his promise to fundamentally change America – all be it for the worse.

So here we are with a new president who’s really trying to change the system and he’s being fought from all sides. Yes Donald Trump is a polarizing figure, but he’s real and he’s trying to break the spell that divides us. It’s time for Americans to start caring about each other again so we can move forward together and defeat the globalist agenda that’s held us all down for the past 15 years.

Whether we agree or disagree, we must try to find common ground because we’re all Americans. If you’re here and you’re doing the right thing to raise a family and pay your own way, then you are an American no matter where you come from or how you got here. By hating each other and staying divided, we will always be weak enough to be controlled by the globalists.

Aside from accepting each-other’s differences, we also need to come together and give the new president a chance to fix things. President Trump is our leader and no matter how polarizing he is, supporting our new president is the best way to start bringing Americans back together. Lets start caring about each other and take this ride together as Americans! If Trump screws up then he won’t be re-elected, but we have to give him a chance for the sake of the country we all love. That’s how America works…