The Senate quietly passed a new law to repeal an Obama-era rule that largely banned the hunting of bears, wolves and other predators on more than 76 million acres of the national wildlife refuge land in Alaska. The Republican-sponsored legislation re-opens the door for the state to resume aggressive predator control tactics, including shooting bears and wolves from airplanes and killing cubs and pups in their dens.

The bill known as H.J.Res.69 was signed by the President Trump and became Public Law No: 115-20 on April 3rd. Why the president signed this is beyond me as a Trump supporter.

During testimony on the House floor, the bill’s sponsor Rep. Don Young (R-Alaska) defended his measure against what he described as “falsehoods” and “propaganda” being spread by special interest groups.

“They talk about killing wolf puppies and grizzly bears. That does not happen nor, in fact, is it legal in the state of Alaska under our management.”

Young added that the resolution is about overturning an “illegal rule” that prevents his state from managing its own fish and game. Under the rule, issued in August by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, predator control is not allowed on Alaska’s 16 national wildlife refuges “unless it is determined to be necessary to meet refuge purposes, is consistent with federal laws and policy, and is based on sound science in response to a conservation concern.”

The law also bans specific hunting methods on Alaska refuges, including killing bear cubs or adult females with cubs, baiting brown bears, taking bears using snares and traps, and aerial shooting of bears and wolves. If you can point to one good thing Obama did, it’s protecting the wolves and bears on federal land in Alaska, but for some reason our new president has been convinced to repeal the rule. Lets hope the president re-thinks this move that puts wolves and bears in danger of mass execution at the hands of trophy hunters.