Bashar Hafez al-Assad has been a thorn in the side of Russia since 2012, costing them lots of money and bad publicity. While Vladimir Putin was willing to protect Assad in order to keep ISIS out of Russia, Donald Trump changed everything with the missile strike on the Shayrat Air Base in western Syria. While Russia is publicly condemning the attack and backing Bashar Assad, Russian intelligence sources say Putin has had enough and is demanding that Assad must step down from power.

President Trump strongly suggested on Thursday that Assad may have to leave power, and his comments were underscored by Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, who told reporters “There’s no role for Assad to govern the Syrian people.”

Our sources close to Putin say Assad has agreed to step down by the end of June in a deal to protect his family and assets with Russian support. It’s not clear where Assad and his family will go, but our sources say it will most likely be somewhere in Russia. Whether this tips turns out to be true or not, something’s gotta give between Assad and the rest of the world. For Assad it’s either death or exile and he’ll most likely choose the latter.