crime spree

As more evidence comes out showing how the Obama administration tried to manipulate the election through media corruption and spying on the republicans, the truth becomes clearer every day. The Obama Clinton crime family has corrupted every facet of American government through bribery, threats and pure deception. From the Benghazi lies to the Iran Nuclear Deal, the Obama administration has made America less than great. And lets not forget how CNN and the DNC gave Hillary Clinton advance questions before her town hall debate with Bernie Sanders.

While the ‘Deep State’ leftists try to salvage Obama’s horrid legacy, the ugly truth is slowly revealing itself to the world whether the snowflakes want to admit it or not. America is worse off thanks to Obama and while he and his minions lined their pockets, the middle class has been nearly decimated.

Obama expected to hand the torch to Hillary, but she was burned by the flames of millions of Americans who are tired of the globalist agenda. While Trump may not be perfect (and no person is), he is tough enough to shake up the globalist system and expose the Obama Clinton crime family for all the world to see.