Did you know the Obama administration was killing natural predators in the American heartland with Cyanide Traps? The “M-44” resembles a sprinkler and uses the same cyanide gas Hitler used to kill millions of Jews during the Holocaust. The USDA has always been tasked with protecting rancher’s livestock and thus the American food supply, but using random cyanide booby-traps has turned out to be deadly for dozens of family pets.

Fourteen year old Canyon Mansfield and his dog “Casey,” raced from the backyard of their Idaho home and up a nearby hill to play. Suddenly they were both knocked to the ground after a cyanide bomb set by the U.S. government, detonated less than 350 yards from the family’s house. Canyon survived, but his Golden Labrador Casey died from suffocation, caused by cyanide gas exposure. The dog’s death follows a string of other incidents in which family pets were accidentally killed by M-44s. The devices are deployed by Wildlife Services, a little-known branch of the U.S. Department of Agriculture that’s tasked with destroying animals seen as threats to people, agriculture and the environment. Everyone in Pocatello, Idaho was shocked including the police, when they found out the device was planted by the USDA under their Livestock Predator Control Program.

Here’s an overview from the USDA government website, “Predators including coyotes, wolves, foxes, mountain lions, grizzlies, and eagles play vital roles in our ecosystems, and their presence among people creates opportunities and challenges. Predators may provide recreational benefits via observation and photography, and yet they may pose challenges for ranching operations. Integrated solutions to address livestock predation may include modifications of animal husbandry practices and habitat, population management, and novel approaches developed through research.”

What the USDA doesn’t explain is that using randomly placed booby traps filled with deadly cyanide gas is part of the program. These M-44 devices are placed in livestock ranching areas throughout the United States and also in the wilderness areas surrounding them – including national park land.

This story seems like fake news, but it’s absolutely true and the program was implemented during the Obama administration. Who would believe the United States government is planting cyanide booby-traps in America’s heartland, but they are doing it.

Critics, including Rep. Peter DeFazio, D-Ore., say the government’s taxpayer-funded Predator Control program is dangerous and illegal. DeFazio’s office said the lawmaker plans to reintroduce a House bill that if passed into law, would ban the use of cyanide traps for predator control.

“The recent death of dogs in Idaho and Wyoming are the latest unnecessary tragedies of USDA’s Wildlife Services use of M-44 cyanide traps. These deadly traps have killed scores of domestic animals and sooner or later, they will kill a human. It’s time to stop subsidizing ranchers’ livestock protection efforts with taxpayer dollars and end the unchecked authority of Wildlife Services once and for all,” DeFazio said.

White House sources say President Trump will sign this bill into law provided politicians on both sides stand up against the ranching lobbyists and actually pass it. Trump has been a big proponent of wildlife protection in his real estate business with a big focus on protecting habitats for birds. In addition, Trump has been very vocal about protecting wildlife in America’s national parks.