There’s been an arrest in Monday’s German bus bombing and the suspect is a refugee who was also leader of an ISIS commando group fighting in Iraq. The Federal prosecutor’s Office identified the suspected bomber as 26-year-old Iraqi Abdul Beset, who came to Germany in 2016 via Turkey. Beset will appear before a judge who will decide whether to approve the arrest warrant issued by prosecutors, which would allow the man to be held for longer than 24 hours under German law.

The attempted bombing of the Germany’s Borussia Dortmund soccer team was largely unsuccessful, leaving only one player with a minor wrist injury. While it could have been much worse considering there were three explosive devices involved, the bombing really shook up German citizens. Borussia Dortmund is considered one of the world’s best soccer teams and they’re famous all over Germany, so there was no way the media could gloss over what happened.

German police released a statement late last night claiming the suspect was an ISIS soldier and had been in touch with ISIS members while in Germany. The statement refers to Beset as a “member of the foreign terrorist organization Isis in Iraq, where he led a commando unit of 10 members involved in kidnappings, smuggling, extortion and killings.”

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