As North Korea starts its weekend celebration of their most important holiday, China has moved 150,000 troops to its border and the US has deployed the Carl Vinson Naval carrier attack group to the Korean peninsula. In celebration of the 105th birth anniversary of Kim Il Sung, the country’s late founder and grandfather of Kim Jong Un, North Korea has vowed to conduct some sort of missile or nuclear test and America has vowed to stop it.

Saturday’s holiday, known as the “Day of the Sun”, normally includes an immense military parade and synchronized public performances involving tens of thousands of people. Pyongyang residents have been seen practicing for weeks and the entire country will take part in the festivities.

While “Day of the Sun” celebrations always focus on military prowess, North Korea’s recent nuclear missile tests have set the world on edge. Kim Jong Un is known for threatening his neighbors and the US, but the recent missile launches toward Japan have forced world powers to find a way to curtail North Korea’s nuclear aspirations.

As speculation rose that North Korea might be on the verge of a sixth nuclear test to celebrate their founder’s birthday, President Trump said firmly on Thursday, “North Korea is a problem. The problem will be taken care of.”

While the UN discusses more sanctions, Trump is willing to give US Generals full authority to act militarily against any further North Korean nuclear tests. This may or may not include non-nuclear missile tests conducted to celebrate Kim Il Sung’s 105th birthday.  Sources inside the Pentagon are claiming that if Kim Jong Un fires missiles (even in celebration), they will most likely be shot down by the USS Carl Vinson Naval strike group.

According to an anonymous Pentagon source, “If we shoot down their missiles, North Korea may retaliate which would certainly spark a war of some kind. The fact that China, North Korea’s most important ally is suddenly siding with the US could help subdue Kim Jong Un’s aggression or it could send him over the edge because he’s absolutely crazy. Everyone in the Pentagon thinks this is the closest we’ve come to nuclear war since America actually hit Japan.”