An autistic teen who won an essay contest has been denied his prize (a trip to the UN), because of his autism. Niko Boskovic won the North Portland’s Peninsula Odd Fellows Lodge contest with his essay on the history of the Ukraine, according to Oregon Live. The only problem is Niko was denied the trip after the national committee found out he was autistic.

Niko, who is unable to speak and was diagnosed with autism at age three, was set to join 300 other winners for the annual United Nations Pilgrimage for Youth, which brings teens to historic areas of the US and Canada and teaches them about the United Nations, but everything changed after his mother emailed Charles Cloud, the Odd Fellows jurisdictional chairman for Oregon.

Niko’s mother, Loretta Boskovic informed the chairman that she would be accompanying her son on the trip because he’s autistic and nonverbal, and needs a letter board to communicate. Loretta wanted to go with her son to support his ability to communicate effectively with the letter board. Although he’s non-verbal, Niko learned to communicate with the Rapid Prompting Method and a letter board. Teachers at his public school who once thought he was lost have since evaluated him as ‘talented and gifted.’

Mrs. Boskovic was shocked when she got an email from the national UN Pilgrimage for Youth’s board stating that Niko would not be allowed on the trip because chaperones weren’t allowed on the tour and the group was unprepared to take on the responsibility of caring for a special needs teen – even though his mother offered to pay her own way.

We featured this story apart from our usual politics this week because we’d like to get support from all the Trump supporters out there to get Niko a trip to the White House to meet the president. Who needs to visit the UN when you can visit the White house and meet the president?

We’re hoping our readers will share this story and if you happen to have a connection to President Trump, please get this to him or his people. This is a legit story and our website will even pick up the cost for Niko and his mom’s travel and lodging. We just need people to help spread this story and get President Trump to invite Niko to the White House.  Please share this with all the media you can and all your friends. Tell everyone to get President Trump to give Niko a trip to the White House.