soros kushner

Donald Trump’s son-in-law and Senior White House adviser, Jared Kushner has proven to be an enemy of the state. Just like his criminal Wall Street father, Ivanka Trump’s husband is a liar and a scoundrel. Kushner didn’t report his ownership in a real-estate finance company that’s partnered with George Soros when filing financial disclosure forms, the Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday.

Kushner also failed to disclose loans totaling $1 billion from more than 20 lenders, the Journal reported, including Soros connected entities. The Real Deal, a New York real estate news site, reported in January that Soros provided Cadre, a company owned by Jared Kushner, with a $250 million line of credit.

As a Trump supporter who also had a million dollar business depleted by Soros investment firms, I will lose faith in our president if he doesn’t fire his son-in-law from his powerful White House position. Whether the president wants to believe it or not, his Senior Advisor is in bed with the enemy of America and all ties must be cut immediately. If President Trump really wants to drain the swamp then he has to start with his own son-in-law who is also a Democrat and was a big Obama supporter.