Human machine

As the CEO of a small manufacturing company, I believe we have to find a happy medium between productivity and humanity when it comes to using technology in the manufacturing business. As a small manufacturer who needs more employees, but is afraid to take the plunge, automation has become an important and cost effective factor in our growth. While automation can be a great thing for employers and employees, if companies rely on it too much – automation can most certainly become a job killer.

21st century business owners who want to create American jobs must find a happy medium that allows businesses to make profits while using as much human labor as possible. That means the government must lower corporate taxes for small business while easing the burdens of regulations, healthcare and payroll taxes.

As a small manufacturer that cares about our community, my company wants to employ more people than machines, but we need incentives from the government to make it possible. It truly scares me that the simplest semi-auto machine with only one human operator, can do the job of three people using traditional hand labor with better quality and consistency.

Today’s workers who’ve been spurred on by the socialists on the left need to face the reality of how the real business world works, or their future jobs are doomed. It’s a very simple formula, if there’s no profit there’s no business and so there are no jobs. So while it would be awesome for everyone to get a minimum of $15 an hour, the reality is most small businesses cannot afford it even if employees deserve it. If employers are forced into over-priced wages, they will surely turn to automation which is far beyond anything you could imagine these days.

While we couldn’t afford the top labeling and bottling machines right now, I have personally researched numerous manufacturing and automation products. I’ve seen the latest technology that would blow your mind. I’ve seen demos of automatic machines that can fill, cap and label our products with two operators doing the job of 6 people working with semi-auto machines. I’ve seen robotic burger cookers and fryers that could replace an entire cooking staff at any fast food joint with better and more consistent quality. I’ve seen window washing robots that replace three $40 an hour workers on skyscrapers with lower insurance rates and faster production all run by one guy with a remote control on the ground. I’ve seen sewing machines that can create any pattern in less than one hundredth of the time any human could. This technology is real and it’s everywhere, but it must be curtailed and controlled for the good of humanity.

The only way to save human jobs from machines is for workers and employers to meet somewhere in the middle, or otherwise the only human jobs available could be cleaning bathrooms and cleaning up after the machines themselves. I’m not sure what the future holds, but as a small business owner it’s my duty to do whats best for my business as I’m sure every other business will do.