Seth Rich was an ‘up and coming’ 27-year-old Democratic National Committee staffer who supported Bernie Sanders against Hillary Clinton in the 2016 democrat primaries. Seth reportedly discovered that DNC officials were conspiring with the Hillary Clinton campaign to sabotage Bernie Sanders during the important “Iowa Caucus” in particular. Seth was murdered less than two weeks before WikiLeaks published emails between DNC officials and the Clinton campaign, in what the Washington DC police quickly declared as a “robbery gone bad.” The only problem is Seth was shot twice in the back as he left a local bar in a low-crime neighborhood. Police still cannot explain why his watch, gold chain and wallet were not taken, or why he was in contact with the board of WikiLeaks.

Seth Rich was an idealistic and trusted DNC staffer based in DC who was naïve to the dangers of the globalist agenda. He comes from a family of major DNC supporters and got his first position thanks to their connections, but he wasn’t prepared for the corruption he experienced which most likely led to his murder.

While his family originally hired a private detective who reported that the Washington DC police were told to “stand down” concerning the case, they are now trying to spin the story after contents of Seth’s laptop have been exposed. An unidentified FBI investigator told Fox News that there were over 40 thousand email communications between Seth Rich and WikiLeaks shortly before he died.

Here’s a report from a local Washington DC television news station, corroborated by a federal investigator who also spoke to Fox News.

Here’s Some Basic Facts:

1: A private investigator hired by Seth Rich’s family claims he was in contact with WikiLeaks and this has been backed up by an unidentified yet verified FBI source. This has also been verified by Rod Wheeler, a retired DC homicide detective who was hired by a third party to investigate the case. While Wheeler is a controversial Fox news contributor, he is also highly respected.

2: The unidentified FBI investigator told Fox News through “Wheeler” that Rich had emailed 44,053 DNC emails to WikiLeaks’ acting director in London.

3: In 2016, the FBI admitted to the private investigator hired by the Rich family that they had possession of Rich’s laptop, but they have made no official comment since.

4: The original private investigator hired by the Rich family claimed the Washington DC police department was told to “stand down” on Seth’s murder and declare it a robbery gone bad. Both the FBI investigator and Rod Wheeler have corroborated this.

5: While there were 7 security cameras discovered from various angles, the DC police claimed none of them were working at the time of Rich’s murder.

6: Seth Rich was a major Bernie Sanders supporter while also a loyal employee of the DNC, and he was one of the first staffers to find out that Sanders was being sabotaged during the primaries.

7: Wikileaks published the infamous DNC emails twelve days after Rich was murdered. The emails proved DNC party officials conspired to make Hillary Clinton the party’s presidential nomination over Sen. Bernie Sanders.

8: WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, has publicly hinted that Seth Rich could have been their source. Assange has also publicly denied that Russia was the source of the DNC emails. WikiLeaks has also offered a $25,000 reward for information leading to conviction for the murder of Rich.

9: Although Rich is dead, Wikileaks stands by the fact that it never exposes their sources under any circumstances and so they have refused to comment while continuing to insinuate that Seth Rich was their DNC mole.