Have you noticed that 90% of the most prominent left wing MSM has de-activated the comment sections on their websites? It all began in 2014 when CNN deleted their comment sections including past comments claiming they were filled by racists, homophobic and misogynist rants from right wing trolls. Since 2014, all the left wing cable channels removed online comments and so have dozens of prominent left wing news websites and blogs. In the early days of the internet, it was the left who touted online comments as the new platform for democracy and free speech until they found out more Americans were against their agenda than were for it.

By the time Obama ran for his second term, comment sections were filled with unhappy citizens who would call out inaccurate reporting and publish their own supporting facts. The left had 8 years of internet fun with George Bush while conservatives were very quiet. Once Obama started squashing the middle class, independent and conservative voters began fighting back on the web and challenging the fakestream media on their own websites. This was also the period that FOX News became the top rated cable news channel as the only television opposition to the left. Today FOX is the only cable news network to have a thriving comment section and they are still the highest rated news network.

While left wing news outlets claim it’s better to let readers comment about stories on social media, they’ve actually been searching for ways to bring their comment sections back in “Safe Mode”. The left wing webmasters noticed that after they de-activated the comment sections, traffic went way down and so did advertiser engagement. So they’ve been looking for new technology that could automatically filter so-called “Offensive Content” – Translation (Anything conservative or pro-Trump).

Wouldn’t you know it, the New York Times and Google have partnered up to test a new artificial intelligence application that can actually ‘learn’ to weed out anything it finds offensive, but the ‘learning’ part depends on who is programming it to begin with.

Google subsidiary, Jigsaw and its partners on Google’s Counter Abuse Technology Team released a new piece of code in during the height of the 2016 presidential election called Perspective. As part of the team’s broader “Conversation AI initiative,” Perspective uses machine learning to automatically detect insults, harassment, and abusive speech online. Enter a sentence into its interface, and Jigsaw says its AI can immediately spit out an assessment of the phrase’s “toxicity” more accurately than any keyword blacklist, and faster than any human moderator.

The Perspective release brings Conversation AI one step closer to its goal of helping to supposedly foster troll-free discussion online, and the filtering of abusive comments that silence vulnerable voices. The project’s critics claim Prospective is a new way to sanitize public discussions based on algorithmic decisions and block true free speech.

Moreover, it’s not just Google and left wing media, facebook is working on a similar platform to filter out their own idea of ‘fake news’ as well as offensive comments. Once these AI programs take hold, they could literally ruin the prospect of free speech on the web and destroy true democracy in America. You can bet the far left wants to pull this off before the next presidential election so they can sway voters. First the left created fake news and now they’re trying to create fake comments to control public opinion.