While the media touts Ariana Grande’s announcement for an upcoming Manchester benefit concert, the singer may have learned an important personal lesson – (Be careful what you wish for). In 2014 (not long after her “I hate America” comments), several music insiders and radio station employees witnessed Grande saying she wishes all her fans would “fucking die.” Grande made the comment during a visit to a Manhattan radio station and more than one reputable source overheard her. Incidentally, liberal mouthpiece Buzzfeed actually took down their original 2014 story after the Manchester bombing until they were caught by readers and forced to re-post it with updated commentary so the star wouldn’t look so bad.

After being silent since the bombing, Grande came out today denouncing violence and calling for love and peace like all the other Hollywood lefties,  yet she didn’t mention Islamic terror once.

“The compassion, kindness, love, strength and oneness that you’ve shown one another this past week is the exact opposite of the heinous intentions it must take to pull off something as evil as what happened Monday,” Grande wrote.

The benefit concert will raise money for the Manchester victims and their families which is a wonderful idea, but judging by the singer’s past poor treatment of fans, it’s probably more of a public relations move than anything. Let’s face it – people like Ariana Grande don’t change because you cannot change a black heart.

If you carefully study the photos of her returning to Florida after the bombing, you’ll notice her idiot rapper boyfriend smiling like he just won the lottery while Ariana acts like the broken little girl, putting her acting chops to good use. The fact that her boyfriend was laughing and smiling shows that he didn’t think she was truly that upset or otherwise he would have had a totally different attitude when she got off the plane.

The fact is this girl is a Hollywood diva who hates America and Americans even though she is living the ultimate American Dream. I’m sure she’s sad about the bombing, but I’ll bet she’s already met with her staff about ways to profit from it.